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White Noise 2

2007 / d. Patrick Lussier
I’m not normally a fan of the unrelated direct to video sequel, but this tale of near death experiences, EVP, and the White Light versus Lucifer was surprisingly well done. The original WHITE NOISE wasn’t too bad, though it was played more for the scares than this one. Not super scary; but solid emotion and ghostly, freaky montages add enough for some food for thought.



2006 / d. Jim Sonzero
Kristen Bell is a-okay, but this scare about ghosts killing college kids via computers and cell phones is like every other film with static, strobing ghosts, and an unending, never escaping cycle. It’s THE RING without the videotape. Another intriguing premise wasted on plot holes, redundant effects, and teen angst. Wah!



1982 / d. Tobe Hooper
Maybe in our rapidly changing television technologies, this one will loose some of its luster someday. For old school folks like me, however, who remember big old console sets full of static, POLTERGEIST never gets old. The warnings of technology being conduits for angry spirits, beasts in the closet, and demonic toys combined with adorable child victims and sassy little psychics remind us to respect the dead and appreciate the line between life and death. Naturally, there are sub par sequels, but behind the scenes documentaries detailing the tragedies surround this film are far more interesting. And the blu-ray is smashing!