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2010 / d. James Wan
Effective and downright creepy endeavour from the director who brought us SAW and DEAD SILENCE. When their son falls into an unexplainable catatonic state, Josh and Renai Lambert discover that the cause of their son’s illness is far beyond anything they could have imagined in their worst nightmares. Director Wan succeeds in presenting us with a plethora of surprisingly memorable scenes that have a penchant for resurfacing in the mind during particularly dark and quiet hours. The only complaint is that the film can seem a tad unfocused, as the last half and the first half are so dramatically different. Regardless, a genuinely well-crafted and unsettling horror film. Kudos for the use of Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” which added heavily to the memorability of the flick.



1988 / d. Tim Burton
Don’t say the bio-exorcist’s name three times! Michael Keaton leads an all-star cast in this humorous tale about a country couple turned ghosts trying to rid their house of a snotty New York family. Winona Ryder is creepy as the goth daughter Lydia, and all of director Tim Burton’s odd touches have their moments-from Juno’ smoke coming out her slit throat to Delia’s infamous ‘Dayo!’ dance party. Multiple viewings are in order here.