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slaughtered vomit dolls

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

2006 / d. Lucifer Valentine
Seriously, ugh. Love him or hate him, Lucifer Valentine has crafted a seriously nasty piece of spurting, dripping, puking horror mayhem. The “film” drags in spots and tries desperately to be “artsy” (and if actual on screen vomiting is too much for you, avoid this one at all costs). But lying in between the boobs and the aforementioned puking are some excellent gore gags, including a particularly cringe-worthy eye-gouging scene. Yeah, it’s a vomit fetish video with a horror “plot” but still worth a look for hard core gore-ophiles. Part one of Valentine’s VOMIT GORE TRILOGY, the second installment, ReGOREGITATED SACRIFICE was released in 2008.


Redsin Tower, The

2006 / d. Fred Vogel
If you’ve noticed, there aren’t a lot of films that get perfect 10’s on our GORE SCORE. However, you can pretty much bet the farm that anything from Fred Vogel and Toe Tag Pictures is going to snag top marks when it comes to repulsive, bile inducing, ultra-traumatizing gore. Vogel, armed with a natural zest for dynamic filmmaking, is hacking through every good-taste boundary there is. His films are vile, despicable, often impossible to watch in one sitting, and contain more putrid violence in five minutes than the entire FRIDAY THE 13TH series combined. THE REDSIN TOWER, while far more accessible than his infamously controversial AUGUST UNDERGROUND, still delivers the goods and is guaranteed to satisfy even the most desensitized of gorehounds.


Gore Gore Girls, The

1972 / d. H. G. Lewis
Repulsive low-budget bloodfest from the godfather of gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis. The movie watches like a cheap 70s porno, with a soundtrack to match (say what you will, the music is actually a hilarious selling point), and is certainly not for everyone. Women will need to look past the misogynistic overtones to enjoy the campy, gratuitous gore, which includes everything from a rump beating with a meat tenderizer, nipple removals with a pair of scissors, to a ruthless face scalding in a pot of boiling oil. Sleazy fun at its best… or maybe worst.