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Dr. Butcher, M.D.

1980 / d. Marino Girolam
People be warned: we’re dealing with some savage shit here. If exuberant gore, graphic gut munching, putrefying cadavers, and fiendish medical experiments aren’t your thing, then for godsakes turn back now. This unrepentent assault on the retinas isn’t for everyone, and even hardened horror fans may flinch while watching this one. But if you can hack it, well boy, you’re in for a bloody wild ride. All puns intended! Also released in North America as ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST.


Dead Snow

2009 / d. Tommy Wirkola
Just like in the movies, you can’t seem to kill Nazi Zombies. In fact, these flesh-craving-fascists continue to pervade our mainstream culture more and more, be it in film or even in the ever-popular CALL OF DUTY franchise of video games. Regardless, if you’re seeking some truly epic Nazi Zombie action, stop your search immediately. DEAD SNOW offers everything, and more, than you could ever hope to see, including (but not limited to): a man climb up the side of a cliff using a zombie’s intestines, sew up a blood-spurting neck wound with nothing but a fishing hook, and then transform a snowmobile into a zombie-killing-death-machine fully outfitted with rifles. This film will kick your adrenal glands into full throttle as you cheer, cringe, and gaze in amazement. If DEAD SNOW doesn’t satiate your appetite for Nazi Zombie films, be sure to also check out: SHOCKWAVES (1977), ZOMBIE LAKE (1981), OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES (1981), and HORRORS OF WAR (2006).


Dead Alive

1992 / d. Peter Jackson
There’s something you should know about DEAD ALIVE: in all likelihood, you’ll never see a gorier film for the rest of your life. Peter Jackson’s splatter-comedy classic lives up to the hype in every way imagineable. You’ll laugh. You’ll cringe. You’ll be blown away. There’s enough gratuitous graphic grue to gross-out gorehounds: litres of thick, chunky intestinal muck strewn everywhere; a lawnmower massacre; festering pus-filled boils bursting at high velocity; organ removals; skeleton removals; skin removals; oh my! Better in many ways than Jackson’s other over-the-top cult classic: BAD TASTE. Put this one on your movie-menu, and your guests are sure to leave satisfied!