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Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever

2009 / d. Ti West
The fever returns for another 90-minute gross out extravaganza! If excessive amounts of sanguineous upchuck appeals to you, then by golly you should Visene up those lookin’ globes so you don’t miss a thing! Guts, gore, puke, and urine soak almost every frame of celluloid in this uber-sick, retro-flavoured sequel. See: repulsive skin mutations, powertool amputations, and least of all, blowtorch cauterizations! Crispy! Though not nearly as effective as the first CABIN FEVER, this is one follow-up that you can’t afford to miss!


Cabin Fever

2002 / d. Eli Roth
Man, how I dig this flick. Eli Roth managed to create an immensely well-made horror film, with gratutious blood, guts, vomit, and a massive assortment of skin grotesqueries that’ll give you the heebie-jeebies on more than one occasion. It’ll sure make the horror-loving ladies out there think twice before shaving their legs again! Fuzzy! Look for homages to a bunch of the horror classics, such as: THE EVIL DEAD, THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, THE CRAZIES, FRIDAY THE 13’TH, and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, to name only a few.


Bad Taste

1987 / d. Peter Jackson
Before Mr. Jackson was directing ring-toting hobbits on perilous quests to Mount Doom, he was making insanely entertaining, low-budget gore flicks. BAD TASTE oozes, excretes, gurgles, vomits, and sprays blood, guts, and a multitudinous amount of sickening fluids for a satisfying ninety minutes of comedic genius. If you can handle brain munching, head exploding, arm amputating, and other grim spectacles, this film is right up your alley. Recommended for fans of EVIL DEAD 2, RE-ANIMATOR, and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.