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From Beyond

1986 / d. Stuart Gordon
If you like REANIMATOR, odds are you’ll also love FROM BEYOND. Released just one year later, FROM BEYOND recaptures much of the same horror zaniness, and also reunites Barbara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs, this time adding Ken Foree into the mix. Once again drawing from an old H.P. Lovecraft story, it tells the tale of an obsessed scientist who opens a gateway into another realm, and the horrors which subsequently ensue. The characters are each touched by Lovecraft’s recurring themes of madness and insanity, which often seems the only appropriate response after witnessing the horrors that they are subjected to. It’s fun, it’s campy, and it’s gross. Not to mention it has a little something for both the guys and gals out there: a mustached Ken Foree wearing only a set of bright red skivvies, and a leather-clad Barbara Crampton both grace the screen. Saucy!



1985 / d. Stuart Gordon
Jeffrey Combs stars as Dr. Herbert West, the proverbial mad scientist, in this off-the-wall, no-holds-barred classic of the horror genre. Hilariously warped, brilliantly acted, and diabolically demented, RE-ANIMATOR marks a high point for horror in the 80s. Gruesome special effects coupled with creative camera angles and director Stuart Gordon’s natural sense of timing, led to some the most outlandish and memorable scenes to be put on celluloid. Love it. Caress it. Watch it!



1993 / d. Christophe Grans, Shusuke Keneko, Brian Yuzna
A Lovecraft film starring Jeffrey Combs NOT directed by Stuart Gordon? It might explain why the film is barely Lovecraftian but who the hell cares, you’re here for the gore, not for the staying-true-to-the-source-material! An anthology film with a clever wraparound story, this film uses Lovecraft as a jumping off point for some entertaining short stories with increasingly amped up gore. And tentacles. Oh boy are there tentacles. Throw in some face peeling, some limb amputation and some Mi-Go marrow munching and this is Lovecraft for gore-hounds. Criminally unavailable on (legit) DVD, dig out the old VCR, scour the pawn shops and go mad…ish.