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2006 / d. Jim Sonzero
Kristen Bell is a-okay, but this scare about ghosts killing college kids via computers and cell phones is like every other film with static, strobing ghosts, and an unending, never escaping cycle. It’s THE RING without the videotape. Another intriguing premise wasted on plot holes, redundant effects, and teen angst. Wah!


Nightmare on Elm Street, A (2010)

2010 / d. Samuel Bayer
A decent jaunt in the realm of remakery, this one stays reasonably close to the spirit and storyline of the original. Though generally not well received by horror fans (as is usually the case with remakes), in this reviewer’s opinion the film makes for a more-than-decent watch. Plentious gore, creative new twists on classic scenes, solid filmmaking, and an excellent performance by Jackie Earle Haley (of WATCHMEN fame).

night of the living dead 1990 vhs front2

Night of the Living Dead (1990)

1990 / d. Tom Savini
Incredibly successful and atmospheric remake of George A. Romero’s original masterpiece. Not as heavy on the gore as you might expect, but spectacular make-up effects and convincing performances by Tony Todd and Patricia Tallman make this a personal favourite, and confirm the fact that special effects artists make excellent directors!