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Night of the Demons (2010)

2010 / d. Adam Gierasch
Some films are so bad they’re good. Others are just so bad they’re really effing awful. Such is the case with this remake of the widely enjoyed 1988 campy classic. The bottom line is this: if a film clearly possessed potential but failed to deliver because of low-budget, bad acting, poor effects, etc., then a remake should be considered. However, if a film accomplished everything it set out to do and is still enjoyed to this day, then seriously, sink money into a different project and don’t waste time making an inferior product. Redundant gore, barely passable effects, and dialogue which makes you want to brain yourself with the DVD case contribute to why you should skip this one altogether.


My Bloody Valentine 3D

2009 / d. Patrick Lussier
Pure three-dimensional horror fun! Director Lussier sets out to remake the well-known Canadian slasher and delivers (in typical 80′s fashion) a film chocked-full of suprisingly nasty pick-axe brutality, including a scene in which a jaw is torn clean off! Good luck eating corn on the cob this summer, boy-o! Campy and violent, it also features some lengthy bits of female full-frontal, all in glorious 3D no less.


Hills Have Eyes, The (2006)

2006 / d. Alexandre Aja
This, along with Rob Zombie’s redux of HALLOWEEN, were the two most pleasantly surprising films of the 2000-2009 decade. Director Alexandre Aja stupefied me with his awe inspiring skills on HIGH TENSION, and it’s no wonder he was hand-picked by Wes Craven himself to direct this flick. Gratuitous, gory, suspenseful, and filled with enough updated social commentary to make it relevant for today’s younger audiences, THE HILLS HAVE EYES will provide an ample ninety-minute shockfest you’re not soon to forget!