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Halloween 2 (2009)

2009 / d. Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie’s sequel to his incredibly well done re-imagining of HALLOWEEN was sadly, an enormous letdown. An unfocused script was the culprit, which turned Michael Myers into a walking, talking (oh yeah, you heard right), heavily-bearded Jim Morrison lookalike. Zombie’s wife (Sherri Moon Zombie) returns as Michael’s mother, in a simply bizarre role that was far too reminiscent of Pamela Voorhees for my liking. However, the film was deliciously violent in typical Rob Zombie fashion. While I love him as a director, hopefully he’ll put this flop behind him and go back to making films more like THE DEVIL’S REJECTS.


Friday the 13th (2009)

2009 / d. Marcus Nispel
Jason Voorhees returns to the silver screen, this time adding new tallies to his bodycount in slick, heavily polished, Hollywood style. Call me crazy, but I didn’t think this film was half bad. A few intentionally funny chuckles, and as pointless as remakes may be, I don’t mind Marcus Nispel as a director. Plus, the incredibly graphic and white-knuckle opening earned my respect.


Crazies, The (2010)

2010 / d. Breck Eisner
It’s in vogue right now to slam remakes, since these days it seems as if nothing is off-limits from the grasp of the Hollywood redux machine. While I tend to agree with the spirit of the anti-remake argument, I’m also willing to acknowledge that there are times when a remake is valid, purposeful, and daresay, palatable: such is the case with Breck Eisner’s remake of THE CRAZIES. By remaining respectful to the original campy classic, Eisner was able to craft a worthwhile film from Romero’s stark tale of quarantine and government secrecy. Fine performances and new twists on old scenes make this highly recommended.