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Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

1994 / d. Wes Craven
After a slew of sequels transformed Freddy Krueger into a joke-toting supernatural psychopath, Wes Craven stepped in and gave the bastard his balls back. Infusing mythology and a clever film-within-a-film plot, Craven re-invented the character as an ancient entity of supreme evil. A well spun and effective end to the Nightmare franchise, NEW NIGHTMARE brings the series full circle and ends on a high-point.


Urban Legend

1998 / d. Jamie Blanks
Despite the names in the cast, there’s plenty of bad acting in this slasher mystery ode. Thankfully, It’s fun guessing who the killer is and what legend is next. Very entertaining — the first time you see it. Do, however, skip the crappy sequels.


Slumber Party Massacre, The

1982 / d. Amy Holden Jones
Remember when horror films belonged to a simpler time? Where a multi-million dollar budget was just unheard of, and all a slasher flick needed to deliver ample thrills was a few shirtless girls, a paper-thin plot, a solid soundtrack, and a psychotic killer with a goddam 3-foot-long electric drill? If the era of the modern horror film has caused you to lose track of what made 80’s slasher films so much fun to watch, it’s time to revisit THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE. Chocked full of memorable scenes, quotable dialogue, and that beautiful retro atmosphere, this film is sure to entertain.