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sleepaway camp

Sleepaway Camp

1983 / d. Robert Hiltzik
A slow paced and deceivingly normal film, this is the flick that kickstarted the second most popular camp-slasher series. Despite some creative kill scenes (including death by bee stings, and a repulsive moment involving a heated hair curler) it’s not enough to save you from glancing down at your watch on more than one occassion. That is, until the goddam plot-twist ending hits so hard, it actually salvages the entire movie. A ballsy movie, for sure.


Scream 4

2011 / d. Wes Craven
We thought it would never happen, but it did, and we’re damn happy about it. This one features some familiar faces but also stars the current generation of all that is hot in TV and Film. It bridges the gap left by the years the series laid dormant, giving teens and pre-teens a reason to go back and watch the others. With the added element of new media such as iphones, webcams and live streaming, the new Ghost Face Killer takes his slayings to the next level. With the same humour as the 3rd and a bit more gore, this one is a definite win! It’s fun and is highly recommended in a group setting.


Scream 3

2000 / d. Wes Craven
Ah, trilogies. If you don’t know much about them you will after watching the second sequel of the SCREAM series. We follow the gang to Hollywood where Sunrise Studios is forced to put their production of STAB 3 on hold when the cast members start to turn up dead. This is the turning point where the films begin to balance out the scares with humour and start aiming for overall entertainment. It is a fun ride with a huge cast and some great cameos.