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Scream 2

1997 / d. Wes Craven
The first SCREAM paved the way for 90’s teen horror and with its deconstruction of the genre it also followed suit by producing 3 sequels. The first sequel SCREAM 2 follows the first films survivors, Sydney and Randy, to Windsor College. When a killing pattern develops, Gail shows up to report and Dewey is not far behind. It takes itself seriously like the first, aiming mostly to scare or get an emotional response from the audience. It’s a pretty solid film and highly recommended if you liked the first one.



1996 / d. Wes Craven
SCREAM often gets a bad rap, accused of being the forerunner in the wave of “teen horror” films which dominated the scene from the late 90s on. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. A clever script by Kevin Williamson offers us a deconstruction of the horror genre, while presenting us with a murder-mystery that keeps us guessing until the very end. Often immitated, more often parodied, but an unquestionably important horror film nonetheless, SCREAM made the question “do you like scary movies?” a household phrase.


Psycho II

1983 / d. Richard Franklin
Yes, this 1983 follow up isn’t as stellar as the original Hitchcock classic. Nevertheless, it is a fine sequel, continuing the story of Norman and his dearly not-departed mother in the spirit of the original. Fans who are for some reason not interested in the black and white original can appreciate Anthony Perkins here with more spice and Technicolor. PSYCHO III and PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING make a fine marathon for completists, but the franchise is best left here. Enjoy!