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Boogeyman, The (1980)

1980 / d. Ulli Lommel
Early supernatural slasher hokum which, by merit of its taboo-breaking (and outright icky) opening sequence, earned its place on the infamous list of “video-nasties” and thereby developed somewhat of a cult following. From the get-go the film is too¬†reminiscent¬†of BLACK CHRISTMAS and HALLOWEEN to be an accident, and it quickly becomes clear that there is scarcely an original idea to be seen; owing heavily to earlier, better movies such as THE EXORCIST, PATRICK, and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, to name only a few. THE BOOGEYMAN is just a cliched mess of a movie that spends too much time attempting to be too many other films, which ultimately results in a heavily unfocused and difficult to follow mishmash of scenes. Only the ending, with its unexpected use of black humour, make this film worth a watch; otherwise, your time is better spent elsewhere.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The

1974 / d. Tobe Hooper
Controversial, grizzly, terrifying: horror filmmaking at its finest. A repulsive glimpse into the savage side of America in which a group of roadtripping teens are hunted by a family of cannibalistic psychopaths. Too brutal to be considered an ordinary slasher film, THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE is revered for its grainy documentary-style feel, which makes the movie seem all-too-real. A true landmark classic.


Halloween 6

1995 / d. Joe Chappelle
My personal least favourite of the series, but without a doubt the most graphic and mean spirited installment. Seeking to develop even more mythology around Michael Myers, HALLOWEEN 6 further explores the “man in black” from the previous film, as well as delves deeper into the Cult of Thorn storyline. Absolute rubbish that takes the series to an all-time low before the much needed HALLOWEEN H20 injected some much-needed credibility back into the franchise.