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1979 / d. Lucio Fulci
The infamous Italian flesh-chomper from legendary Italian gore champion Lucio Fulci. Home to such deviant delicacies as: the illustrious splinter-to-eyeball scene, as well as the most amazing underwater fight you’ll ever see between a zombie and a shark! Who wins? Well boy, there are no losers in this epic match-up! Pay-Per-View’s got nothin’ on this film!


Return of the Living Dead

1985 / d. Dan O’Bannon
A quintessential American horror classic, this vigorously paced horror/comedy is ridiculous fun to watch. A well chosen punk-rock soundtrack drives the film steadily along, while solid performances and some typically eighties special effects blend together to create one of the best zombie films in the history of the genre. “More BRAAAAAINS!

night of the living dead 1990 vhs front2

Night of the Living Dead (1990)

1990 / d. Tom Savini
Incredibly successful and atmospheric remake of George A. Romero’s original masterpiece. Not as heavy on the gore as you might expect, but spectacular make-up effects and convincing performances by Tony Todd and Patricia Tallman make this a personal favourite, and confirm the fact that special effects artists make excellent directors!