1982 / d. Dario Argento
A.K.A. UNSANE. Dario Argento’s brilliant giallo TENEBRE is in some ways more akin to the American slasher than the famed Italian crime thrillers. But all the ingredients are still here in there gory goodness. A black-gloved fiend is going about murdering gorgeous young women, all the homicides connected with the latest book from a notable crime novelist. The murderer is an intense fan of the author and will do anything to prove just how far they will go to demonstrate their devotion. Suspicious characters, amazing (if at times a tad overbearing) camera maneuvers, a fantastic score by Goblin, and a double twist ending that will leave your head reeling, TENEBRE is an intricate murder mystery that is engaging enough for all the detectives out there and soaked in enough bloody slashings for all the gorehounds as well. [JC]