The Caller

2011 / d. Matthew Parkhill
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Upon first glance, the cast, featuring Rachelle Lefevre and Stephen Moyer may have you thinking that this is a vampire film, and a title like THE CALLER may lead you to believe that a babysitter is being harassed; luckily no such plots exist in this film. After passing it over on our last 30 Netflix viewings, we decided to give it a chance. We urge you to as well. This is a dark, suspenseful thriller consisting of stalker-like phone calls that force the main character into a paranoia that takes a very interesting turn. The result is a plot that makes this film unlike the others of it’s kind. While it is not filled with gore, the story and suspense will be enough to keep you intrigued until the end credits roll. Fantastic cast and excellent cinematography. Eerie in the vein of WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, where just the voice on the other end of the phone is enough to get under your skin. Check it out!