The Human Centipede: First Sequence

2009 / d. Tom Six
If you haven’t heard of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, you probably have your head sewn to your ass. Don’t worry: if you’re having trouble picturing that, director Tom Six is here to help! Advertised as being “100% medically accurate”, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE offers up a grim¬†smorgasbord of degradation, subjugation, and perversion, along with some nasty scenes of surgical sadism tossed in for good measure. When the foremost doctor on Siamese twin separation falls off the deep end, his obsession becomes the creation of ¬†a Siamese triplet — three humans sharing a common digestive tract and stitched together, mouth to anus. Though the film has received plenty of buzz due to the controversial subject matter, the truth is that the movie is extremely restrained; the majority of the disturbing content is left to the viewer’s own imagination. Still, it’s the kind of movie that makes you feel you feel dirty for having watched it. It forces you to re-evaluate the definition of “art”, which is the exact word that Tom Six used to describe it. But isn’t the true purpose of art to raise debate? To instill in a viewer the urge to question the material presented? By those definitions, isn’t THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE an example of art in its truest form? Or is it, plain and simply, just a movie about eating shit. You decide.