The Mist

2007 / d. Frank Darabont
Man is the¬†architect¬†of his own personal hell: a purgatory populated by unspeakable nightmares and unimaginable horrors; where salvation can also be damnation. THE MIST, a masterfully directed offering from Frank Darabont, harkens back almost three decades to the atmosphere and claustrophobia of John Carpenter’s THE FOG, while still developing a fresh and imaginative story (courtesy of Stephen King). It is visually and psychologically terrifying, as it presents us with a probable — but deeply unsettling — portrait of human nature. Props to Greg Nicotero and Everett Burrell for their brilliant creation of the monsters, which become more and more disturbing as the film progresses, and ultimately culminate in a finale that will linger in your mind well after the end credits roll. Highly recommended.


#monsters#Stephen King