The Tall Man

2012 / d. Pascal Laugier
PHANTASM phans, calm yourselves… we’re not talking about the elusive fifth installment of the franchise here. And paranormal thrill seekers, settle down; despite what you may have heard or even inferred from the title, THE TALL MAN has absolutely nothing to do with the legend of the sinister Slenderman. Admirers of Pascal Laugier’s torture-epic MARTYRS will surely leave disappointed, because the truth is: THE TALL MAN isn’t even remotely a horror film. Yes, it does very loosely reference (albeit quickly) a Slenderman-esque legend, but sadly, there is nothing paranormal about it. In reality, it’s an off-beat mystery story with a dark twist; despite it being non-horror I still feel obliged to mention that the writing felt stale and the pacing was awkward. It’s an alright story suffering from poor execution and a ridiculously deceptive marketing ploy. Unfortunately, not recommended.