The Toxic Avenger

1984 / d. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz
Troma Entertainment has created a legacy built on ultra-violence, taboo-breaking, and all-around indecency. With only modest budgets and the desire to strive for truly Independent cinema, they have created a generation of cult films and inspired countless filmmakers to take up their craft. In the history of Troma, THE TOXIC AVENGER is supremely important: not only is it regarded as being the film to truly launch Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz into the spotlight, but the title character’s mutated-mug also became the icon used to brand Troma Entertainment for over 30 years. THE TOXIC AVENGER is, in it’s own way, the origin tale of a superhero. A geeky janitor becomes supercharged with radioactive powers, and an inflated (but sketchy, at best) moral code. The movie screams 1980s from start to finish, and fans of the decade are sure to enjoy the wacky getups, silly characters, and radical effects. It’s graphic, grotesque, but brilliant all the same. Highly recommended.