2004 / d. Fruit Chan, Park Chan-wook, Takashi Miike
A unique and at times unsettling anthology of Asian horrors. The three tales are carried out by their respective directors with artistry and confidence behind the camera. The three separate tales consists of a woman going to extreme lengths to retain her youth… even if it means devouring the young (“Dumplings”); in “Cut,” a director working on a horror picture finds himself victimized by a psychotic stunt man who is intent on making the filmmaker suffer for having a great life; in the final tale, “Box,” a young writer is haunted by memories of her sister, a sister who she left to burn to death at the circus where they performed. Each vignette manages to contain their own creepy moments and deliver them in that typical Eastern fashion. Although a little confusing in spots, the film’s strong stories and absolutely gorgeous cinematography help to make it one of the more distinctive Asian horror films. (JC)

#asian horror