Top 10 Killer Aliens

This month our content seems to be heavy in Sci-fi and Paranormal. I can’t promise that this will be a theme in each of our posts, but it definitely is for this one. From @UncannyDerek, comes a list of the top 10 Killer Aliens in film. We’ll be posting one per day and if you think he’s left an important Alien out, please feel free to leave us a comment!

Also, if you have any requests for lists, if there is a certain theme you’d like covered etc… Please let us know.

#1 THE THING (1982)

Who are the aliens? Carpenter gets three movies on this list because he does such a damn good job with aliens. Albeit it is another remake, The Thing is one of those films that you cannot even describe what the alien is because it can be whatever it wants. All it wants to do is survive.

How are they killers? Not only does it clone your body, the alien does it in a very painful way! It’ll change you no matter what part of your body it touches or tears off. The best part is that the alien successfully turns everyone against one another rather than doing all of the scary dirty work. To top it all off, the creature kills more people by itself on-screen than any of the other aliens did, (with the Predator at a close second).


#2 ALIEN (1979)

Who are the aliens? They’re Xenomorph’s that are considered to be “perfect,” at least to some robots. They bleed acid, can survive in space, and don’t mind getting their hands dirty when it comes to making a nest out of your body.

How are they killers? It all starts at birth when they leap out of your chest, breaking through your body and scampering across the ground until they get all big and cuddly. Then they begin to pick you off, one-by-one – clawing into your body or capturing you to feed you with eggs to begin their cycle of life again. It’s not that they’re killers per se. They kill you because they want MORE life. It makes sense. Right?




Who are the aliens? Probably best recognized from Phillip Kaufman’s or to a lesser extent, Abel Ferrara’s ’93 take on the series (forgetting the 2007 version all-together), the aliens are well, us! Posing as us, the aliens are trying to colonize on Earth as they escape their dying planet.

How are they killers? Becoming a pod person doesn’t seem too bad. I mean, sure, you lose yourself. But at least you’re not getting hunted by the Predator, or waiting your demise like in War of the Worlds. On top of that, you’re not getting squished by goo like in The Blob. The Body Snatchers makes death seem tolerable. At least you get to keep your body in-tact.





Who are the aliens? Originally from the novel by H.G. Wells, the aliens are simply massive mechanical creatures from Mars in large ships with lasers and shields. We only get a few glances of the actual creatures aside from that. One thing is for certain: They want Earth and there’s nothing in our army that can stop them.

How are they killers? Wiping out major cities and the army with absolute ease – the Martian’s have no trouble ploughing through all of the planet with great success. Literally wiping out everything in their path, the Martians are quite frankly, some of the more ferocious creatures Earth ever had to defend itself from in cinema-lore.



#5 PREDATOR (1987)

Who are the aliens? Ruthless creatures of the jungle (and later, the city – especially if we ignore all of that AvP jargon), the Predators are highly technological aliens with a desire to hunt. They can go invisible, have infrared vision, sharp blades, wrist-explosives, and an auto-locking cannon on their shoulder.

How are they killers? Wiping out the entirety of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s elite unit – not to mention the team that went in before them – the Predator finds solace in skinning its victims afterwards and collecting skulls for trophies.




#6 UNDEAD (2003)

Who are the aliens? Alien zombies.

How are they killers? They’re alien zombies! Come on, already! It’s in their definition!





Who are the aliens? Unlike the original 1960 film, Carpenter’s film makes a direct link between aliens and the children. Yeah, I said the children were aliens. Right from the start of the film, we’re given the idea that something ominous is flying above the town of Midwich. Later on, we’re shown by Kristie Alley that indeed, these “children” are really aliens. Ah, to be a parent one day.

How are they killers? What’s scarier than an alien invasion? Aliens who invade and control your thoughts! It’s even worse when you’re consciously aware of what you’re doing. While mom sticks her hand in boiling water, or a doctor putting who-knows what in her eyes, there’s torture and death. Not to mention, it’s hilarious to watch the police shoot each other. (It’s also hilarious to make robot-walking noises every time you see David walk, but that’s besides the point.)


#8 THE BLOB (1968)

Who are the aliens? The Blob is a pretty neat concept. One gluttonous creature consuming all life on the planet while still looking like an after school Jello project gone-wrong. It came from space, and it damn well will eat the whole planet before. . . well there is no real reason to the blob. It just “is.”

How are they killers? The creature kills an old man, then presumably eats up a ton of people from a movie theatre. At least “40 to 50 people” were killed. The creepiest thing about the blob is that it’s not dead, but only frozen in the arctic. Oh the people of 1958 were so naive about global warming. . .


#9 CRITTERS (1986)

Who are the aliens? For the most part, the critters are just hairier, more violent gremlins. However, the critters are from spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! Not to mention these little guys show us a bit more blood than their film predecessors.

How are they killers? What DON’T they eat? People, animals, car seats – the list is endless!







#10 THEY LIVE (1988)

Who are the aliens? What’s worse than the government running the world? I’d say it’s aliens posing as the government who are ruling the world! In John Carpenter’s “They Live,” the world is owned by weird flesh-less aliens posing as humans.

How are they killers? Given the government is controlled by aliens, you can safely assume wars are based off of their evil ways. Not to mention they ordered the massacre of an entire neighbourhood.