Vicious Vids

Most Haunting Music Videos

Metallica – One
d. Bill Pope
A darkened music video set features the band performing their song amongst the backdrop of scenes from the movie Johnny Got His Gun. The music is eerie, and the video captures that emotion perfectly. As the song picks up momentum, so does the video.

Tool – Sober
d. Fred Stuhr
Guitarist Adam Jones is well-known for his stop-motion animation models, created the models for the video. Simplistic in its shooting, the video remains purposefully dark, but also purposefully ambiguous so by the end of the video the viewer is left with more questions than answers.

Dir En Grey – Obscure (NSFW)
d. Hiroyuki Kondo
If you enjoy Japanese horror films, this video is for you. Its quick-cuts and jarring images are not for the faint of heart. The video is NSFW solely because of blood and guts shown in the video. It’s a pretty interesting concept, none the less.

MGMT – Kids
d. Ray Tintori
This video is a child’s nightmare. I have no idea how they got away with making the video, because I did some research into it – and yes – that child was actually present with all of those monsters scaring it. Anyway you look at it, this is something I would not show my kids, let alone have mine star in it.

Cattle Decapitation – Forced Gender Reassignment (EXTREMELY NSFW!!!!)
d. Mitch Massie
This video is not even on YouTube. This video is hands-down one of the most goriest thing I’ve seen. And I’m even talking about movies as well. Death metal band Cattle Decapitation hold back absolutely nothing as this video features everything: torture, violence, gore, swearing, and more. This isn’t “art” as it is so much just a crap-shoot of violence. It’s sick, it’s twisted, and it really should never have been made. That being said, the video is essentially a shot against the Westboro Baptist Church.

I will tell you again, this is EXTREMELY NSFW. I’m not kidding.
(We will not embed this video, but here is the link if you must:

Sólstafir – Fjara
d. Bowen Staines & Gunnar B. Guðbjörnsson
If you got past the Cattle Decapitation video, don’t fret about this one. It’s not violent, as it is definitely haunting. Icelandic band Sólstafir features a young woman dragging a coffin while going through trials of her mind. Out of all of the music videos presented thus far, this one wins for being the one with the best music to match the performance. It’s a gripping watch.

Rebecca Black – Friday
d. Chris Lowe & Ian Hotchkiss
What’s more frightening than not knowing what day of the week it is? In this video, a young woman is lost in time while being stuck in the well-lit version Stepford’s suburbia. Escaping with an presumably underage driver, the video goes darker as she continues her journey to find out the mystery of the cosmos: what day could it be?