What’s with August and being Underground?

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

BT Gang (L to R) Drew, Shredi Knight, Ali, J-Rod, UncannyDerek & Matthew T.

Hi Friends!

You may have noticed, or not noticed, the lack of updates to the site over the last few months. Well here’s what’s been going on:

-Editor Matthew T. has been busy illustrating the OFFICIAL MANBORG COMIC! Now that it’s no longer a secret we can share some of the awesomeness with you in the form of teaser images. Read the official press release HERE.

-Ali has been busy planning her and Matthew T’s Friday the 13th wedding ceremony, followed by their Shining themed reception, followed by their haunted horror honeymoon road trip. This is all happening in September so expect lots of haunted house reviews and photos from various awesome locations. Ali has also been writing some short film scripts which has kept her busy outside of her day job as a caped crusader.

-Shredi Knight has moved to Belgium. We hope this will broaden our horizons and allow us to host reviews of obscure films no one has ever heard of. He’ll be pretty busy though, so we’ll have to see.

-Drew has been busy writing for the GCE, which included doing their San Diego Comic Con coverage.

-J-Rod spends a lot of his time with ghosts. Seriously not kidding. So he hasn’t had much time to review. Perhaps he should write an article on his encounters for the site *hint* *hint*

-UncannyDerek watched Black Christmas again for the millionth time last night. If we can get him to watch anything else we’ll let you know.

-Ames’ life has been chaotic, and now it’s shark week, so we’ve lost her. She’ll resurface eventually.

Summer is busy here. There has been a serious lack of horror viewings, but we hope this will soon change.
*Moments after I posted this update, Ames submitted a Jaws review. How freaky is that?